The San Miguel Poetry Week has chosen a quaint hotel, the Posada de Las Monjas, due to its size and its proximity to the Instituto de Bellas Artes and the center of town. Rooms vary but many have fireplaces and access to balconies or terraces. Although participants are expected to pay the hotel directly for their accommodations, The San Miguel Poetry Week will secure hotel reservations for those who have paid tuition fees in full by December 1st. Since this hotel is an old modified building, the rooms vary greatly but the price will be the same for all and on a first come first serve basis. The hotel does not provide in room telephone, TV or internet service and breakfast is not included. Participants can expect to pay approximately $60-$80 dollars per night. However, we advise checking room rates with the hotel upon arrival. The San Miguel Poetry Week does not require that participants stay at the Hotel Posada de las Monjas.

Accommodations in San Miguel de Allende:
Hotel Posada de Las Monjas, Canal Street # 37.
Telephone: 152-0171, from the U.S. by direct dial: 011-52-415-152-0171.
Fax: 011-52-415-152-6227x


Travel & Transportation Details:

Arrival: January 3, 2020
Departure: January 9, 2020

Call your travel agent or nearest Mexican Consulate to determine which documents you will need to travel to Mexico. For U.S. citizens, valid passports are now
required to travel to and from the United States.

The closest airport to San Miguel de Allende is the airport of Leon, Guanajuato. The airport code for Leon is “BJX.”

Taxi To/From Leon Airport:
From Leon, you can take an official airport taxi to San Miguel de Allende, which takes approximately one hour and costs around $100.00. We suggest that participants share this taxi and expense if possible and will try to let you know who else is arriving at or around the same time.

Shuttle To/From Leon Airport:
There is also a much cheaper and reliable shuttle service available at:

You can also fly to Mexico City. Mexico City is about 4 hours away by bus.




The San Miguel Poetry Week recommends that participants fly into the nearest airport, Leon, Guanajuato, and take a shuttle bus or taxi to San Miguel. Several airlines fly to Leon, such as: American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental, Delta and Aeromexico. Leon is approximately one hour from San Miguel. Those who wish to fly into Mexico City may then take a bus or shuttle to San Miguel. Mexico City is approximately three and one half hours from San Miguel.

The San Miguel Poetry Week is not responsible for the participants' arrivals, departures or any travel arrangements.


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